Ecodesign directive

Product requirements for solid fueled boilers (Lot15) were approved by the EU-commission in July 2015. The first requirements regarding product labelling are valid from april 2017 and for ecodesign requirements in January 2020.

The Ecodesign Lot 15 means regulations regarding particulate matter in combination with energy efficiency and NOx and COx.

In order to be able to compare parameters with gas boilers (lot 1), the Gross Calorific Value, GCV, is used when measuring energy efficiency.

The regulations are only valid for new installations from 1/1 2020.

Initially, the regulations cover boilers up to 500kW, but will eventually also include boiler up to 1000kW.


Most existing boiler systems can be fitted with a FGR®. The combined system of burner, boiler and FGR® will fulfill and exceed the Ecodesign requirements!


Ecodesign numbers:

ParameterValid from 2020
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency77% for boilers larger than 20 kW, 75% for boilers smaller than 20 kW
Emission of particulate matterAutomatically fed: 40 mg/m³, Manually fed: 60 mg/m³,
OGC (Organic Gaseous Compounds) (10% O2)Automatically fed: 20 mg/m³, Manually fed: 30 mg/m³
Carbon monoxide (CO) (10% O2)Automatically fed: 500 mg/m³, Manually fed: 700 mg/m³
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) (10% O2)Bio fuel: 200 mg/m³, Fossil fuel: 350 mg/m³

Source: Swedish Energy Agency