FGR® (Flue Gas Recovery Unit).

FGR® works as an efficient particulate filter, preferably delivered in a standard container, ready to plug in.

The system is modular and can be customized for heating installations between 100 and 1000 kW. A 10-feet container contains an FGR suitable up to c:a 500 kW. To fit larger heating systems, a 20 feet container is needed.

The product consists of a heat pump with cooling unit, condensation unit with heat exchanger and a control system. It is either mounted in a stand-alone small container, placed close to the boiler room, or inside existing boiler room.

Particulate filter:

Due to the high level of condensation, most of the particulate matter ends up in the condense water. But the smallest most dangerous particulates has a tendency not to stick to water and will remain in the flue gas flow. We have solved this by adding an air filter that will capture around 90% of the smallest as well. We have run time measurements showing a level below 20 mg/Nm3 particulate matter in the FGR chimney.


Maintenance of the FGR includes rinsing the heat exchanger in the same interval as boiler sweeping. The  interval of air-filter replacement depends on the boiler load, but approximately once a month.

FGR modulesMaximum recovered heat (kW)Maximum need for power (kW)containersolution, 10’ standardcontainersolution, 20’ standardpossible to fit in an existing boiler room.